You may not see Wang the Human Unicorn listed in any sideshow gallery, but that wasn’t from a lack of people trying to enlist him. During the 1930s, a Russian banker stumbled across a unique Chinese farmer from Manchukuo, a man with a long horn sprouting from the back of his head. The Russian snapped a photo and shipped it off Ripley’s Believe It or Not!. The odd-show attract was so intrigued by Wang that they offered a cash reward to anyone that could present The Human Unicorn for the Odditorium. Though Wang sported a 14-inch horn that would be difficult to miss, he was never seen or heard from again. Wang’s case was likely due to a condition known as cornu cutaneum, which is known to cause the growth of tumors. What makes the condition so unique today is rarity, thanks in part to modern medicine and treatments.